Revamp Your Oriental Rug

Revamp Your Oriental Rug

Meet with an oriental rug cleaning expert in Kissimmee, FL

An oriental rug is a significant investment. Don't treat it like any average home furnishing. Instead, talk to the pros at Mainstreet Cleaning & Restoration when you need to clean your rug. We're a leading oriental rug cleaning company in Kissimmee, FL. You can count on us to restore your unique rug to its original beauty.

Did you spill something on your rug? Ask about our oriental rug stain removal services.

For more details about our oriental rug cleaning services, call us now at 407-299-7971.

Details about our oriental rug cleaning process

Is your oriental rug dull, worn or dirty? Get in touch with Mainstreet Cleaning & Restoration today. Our oriental rug stain removal crew in Kissimmee, FL has what it takes to deep clean and restore your rug. We do this by:

  • Picking up your rug and bringing it to our facility for cleaning
  • Completing a detailed inspection, taking photos of your rug and finding issues that need to be fixed
  • Conducting a dye test for every color on the rug to test stability and determine the best cleaning method

Once cleaned, we'll return your oriental rug to your house. Trust us-you'll be impressed by how beautiful your newly cleaned rug looks after a professional deep cleaning.

For more details about our oriental rug cleaning services, contact Mainstreet Cleaning & Restoration today.